Veil of Maya Matriarch Tour - June 10th, 2015


Veil of Maya brought their Matriarch tour through Vancouver last month.
The city's own  The Hallowed Catharsis opened up the night with a toned down version of their usual antics with Sean Ip interacting with the crowd with his wild gestures and faces and lead guitar player Kyle Bains furiously hacking away at his unique custom guitar that could likely be used as a very effective murder weapon.  They pounded out several of their original tunes as more people filed into the room.

Up next was local metalcore act Galactic Pegasus; a popular local band with the all ages crowd.  Andrew Baena, known quite well from his collaborative YouTube channel Massive Metal Covers, slammed the crowd with djentilicious riffs with the assistance of guitar brother Cooper Legace and newly added bassist  Johnny Ciardulo.  Rounding out the group is Dallas Turner on drums and the ineffable Andrew Hockley fronting the group with his limitless energy and variety of vocal growls and screams.

The first of the tour package, Gift Giver, came out strong with their  hardcore chunky vibe, enhanced by low-tuned samples that literally shook the room.  Unfortunately just a couple days later their bass player left the band due to issues I won't bother going into.

Next up was one of my favorite current touring bands, the mighty Revocation !  A modern take on the thrash of yesteryear, singer/lead guitar Dave Davidson made jaws drop as he shredded through  their seemingly short set with bandmates Dan Gargiulo (Artificial Brain), Brett Bamberger and newly appointed drummer Ash Pearson (3 Inches of Blood, Skull Vultures, West of Hell).  Thankfully they will be back in September as headliners so I can witness this spectacle in its full glory.

After a short break, the night's headliner Veil of Maya took to the stage.  Probably one of the best metal/deathcore bands on the planet right now and one of only a handful I actually enjoy.  Their newest album, Matriarch, features new vocalist Lukas Magyar who has brought a new sound and direction to the band.  He switches effortlessly between cleans and screams, and his sound works even with the older material by former vocalist Brandon Butler.

All-in-all it was a great show, even though it seemed short to me.  Perhaps it was excitement, perhaps it was because of lack of sleep.  All I know is I wanted more Revocation at the end of the night...  At least I was able to catch them the next day for a promo shoot before they set off to the next show.

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