I've always had a fascination with art in so many of it's forms but photography has always piqued my interest as it's a mixture of traditional art mated with my love of technology.  Coming from a lower middle-class family I never pursued my interest as film and processing was rather cost prohibitive.

Fast forward to my early 30s, when affordable digital SLRs started to become a reality:  I acquired a Nikon D70 for Christmas and started reading online material and even joined a couple local camera clubs for inspiration.  I tried my hand at several different styles, finally finding that I really enjoyed nature and landscape photography.  I spent much of my free time after work searching for local wildlife, many times going home with an empty card.

Fast forward again to my late 30s and a couple camera upgrades later and the constant search for things that inspired my creativity.  I set out to take pictures of a friends' band at a community college (outdoor) stage.  I got some shots I was really proud of and found something I truly enjoyed.  I wanted more.  Within just a few weeks I found an online magazine that figured they'd give me a shot, promising more shows if I returned good results.  So I did.  And since then, I've shot around 400 bands, from local groups to big touring acts (some of them multiple times), learning and growing with each shoot.

I've met many musicians, fans and photographers since 2012 and they have welcome me into their family with open arms.  The music community is worldwide and very close and almost every person I've met has been incredibly friendly and humble.  I have had praise from some of the musicians I've loved and listened to since I was a teen, as well as many local Vancouver and independent acts from all over the world.  Using this as a launchpad for my foray into becoming a full-time music photographer I have been adding promo shots into my portfolio as I go.

The future is looking bright, I'll see you in front of my lens soon.